Adding a responsible second driver

Adding a responsible second driver

When looking at auto insurance quotes, there is a way that you can possibly pay less than what you think is possible. Adding a second driver who is responsible and experienced to your insurance can make everything work out that little bit cheaper. This is something that insurance providers look for because you are lowering the risk. Even if this person will not be driving your car often, it is still worth doing because those with more experienced and deemed to be more capable and therefore in less risk of accidents on the road. You should be doing all you can to reduce your premium and this is one method that does just that. Please note that you should never lie on your insurance and put somebody on your insurance instead of yourself to try and get a cheaper price. This is known as fraud or ‘fronting’ in car insurance terms and is prosecutable.

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You are a young and new driver, it’s likely that auto insurance rates will overwhelm you. Comparing quotes and sorting out your car insurance can be a confusing process especially if you have never done it before. Unfortunately young people get charged more in car insurance than anyone else. This is because it is a fact that most accidents are caused by young people, they are more likely to be careless on the road and their inexperience can sometimes lead to disasters. Young drivers also tend to drive newer models of vehicles which is another reason why they get quoted such high prices. You don’t need to be walked all over by providers however and you can still find good deals. Your advantage is how savvy you are with technology, so use the internet to your advantage by using price comparison websites to get the best deal possible. Make sure that you research each company in order to find good auto insurance rates for you. Masterclean professional carpet cleaning have just renewed their carpet cleaning vans to all electric powered vans, they now save on van insurance and to top it off they pay no congestion charge, the saving on this alone saves £2200 per year plus the £140 road fund tax. so the fuel saving, congestion charge and the tax savings will be over £3,000 per year, over 16 vans, will be almost £50,000 per year, these savings are being passes to all their clients. Visit