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Does the Term Life Insurance make sense?

  Prior to the 1960’s the whole idea of term life was not very popular. In fact, it was so unpopular the very few people have heard of the “term life”. The whole concept seemed shaky. The traditional idea of life insurance was similar to bank accounts. Basically, you would keep putting in money into […]

How the Chinese invented insurance?

  Over several hundred years, the Chinese civilization invented insurance. Insurance is now a global industry that is bought all over the world. In fact, insurance has enabled the industrial revolution to spread from England to all four corners of the globe. If there is any kind of economic activity that requires risk-taking, insurance is […]

How can life insurance help you earn more money?

  Usually, people have a weird idea regarding life insurance. They really think that life insurance is simply like some sort of bet. If you don’t die within a year that you’re covered, the insurance company takes the money and you get nothing. If you die within that time frame, they insurance company would then […]

Is insurance like a bank deposit?

When I used to work at an insurance company, people would come in with the expectation that they are simply depositing money in an account. In their minds, insurance policies are very much like bank accounts. You keep putting money in and when the accident or disaster comes, you get to withdraw the full amount. […]