How to use vape juice to maximize your personal leisure time

The interesting thing about the concept of leisure time is how recent it is. Usually, there’s no hard dividing line between doing things to stay alive and doing things for your own personal use. This is really just a product of the industrial revolution as more and more people flooded the cities and worked at factories. Factory work, as brutal as it may have been historically, actually started to change and people started to have more disposable time as automation kicked in and wages began to rise.


It’s only during the turn of the 19th century that the concept of leisure time was even possible. I bring this historical time frame to this discussion of vape juice because leisure time is precious and as more people have access to it, it’s very easy to treat it in a very casual way.


This really is quite sad because if you handle your leisure time properly, you would be able to maximize its beneficial value. It can actually make the rest of your time more valuable. Unfortunately, people would rather play video games. They would rather do stuff that they are already doing and refuse to learn something new.


This really is too bad because leisure time could be used to create social connections or to learn new things. Did you know that if you are thinking about a new piece of information that a physical connection in your brain is created? That’s right.


Human consciousness is so complex and vast that a lot of its details really escape us. A lot of the stuff that plays out on the ground and in real life seem downright strange or even fantastic. But believe it or not, when you incorporate new information, your brain actually creates new gateways and new neuro-connections between nerve cells.


This is why the use of leisure time in a way that disregards personal development is quite tragic because you can grow these neural connections having great conversations. When you learn something new about another person and you learn how the social signals that you send to that person can be bounced back a certain way, these can actually help you become a better communicator overall.


Similarly, when you’re listening to great music and you’re thinking about issues in your life, you can create these new connections. It’s always a good idea to unlock the full potential of leisure time. One way to do this is to vape.


It doesn’t really matter whether you’re vaping with nicotine or not. The stimulant effect of nicotine has a marginal effect on this neural formation. What’s more important is how you open your mind and emotional space to this neural stimulation.


One way to use vape juice online stores to maximize your personal leisure time is to simply bond with another person. The more different the person, the better because you can challenge yourself to truly open up to this person or at least not be judgmental. You have to understand that for the most part, adults have a great way of filtering other people based on grids and templates they’ve already set up in their minds.


For example, if you’re talking to somebody who’s working class and you’re upper middle class or better yet, upper class, you probably have some sort of grid or template that you use to filter the information that you get from this person. A lot of this is really confirmation bias. You’re basically, listening to this person to the extent that what he or she has to say confirms what you think you know about that person.


As you can probably already tell, this is a lousy way to know somebody because you’re not really knowing the person. If anything, you are just taking in information to support the conclusion that may fairly or unfairly pigeon hole, categorize, stereotype or otherwise marginalize the person.


When you use e-juice and you’re sending off signals that everything goes and you’re not going to judge the other person and this conversation is unstructured, they open up and guess what happens? You open up as well.


Instead of information going through this matrix where you’re leering in, meaning and you’re just seeing through stuff and actively filtering out what fits and what doesn’t fit, you end up open. Stuff falls into place of they fall into place. You allow yourself to be challenged and this triggers new connections in your mind that enables you to become a better thinker.


Do yourself a big favor. Use e-juice to maximize your personal leisure time. Allow its ability to create mutual levels of comfort to open yourself up and position yourself for greater levels of understanding on an interpersonal basis.

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