All You Need to Know about Different Vaping Types

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    All You Need to Know about Different Vaping Types

    Since a decade, there is lot of innovation happening with electronic cigarettes. Every few weeks a new kind of vaping electronic cigarette or variant of e-juice is introduced in the market for sales. This kind of vaping devices has helped numerous traditional cigarette users to switch over to a healthy way of smoking.

    What exactly is a vaping device?

    Popularly known as vaporizer is a device used for inhaling e juice vapes. The common name of the device is electronic cigarettes which is an alternative form of original cigarettes. It looks similar to a cigarette, the main parts being e-juice cartridge and atomizer. The battery does the job of heating the atomizer which automatically changes e juice into vapors to inhale.

    The common materials used in the vaping devices to inhale waxy concentrates and dry herbs. E juice or e liquid is the basic material having different flavors combined with different proportions of nicotine. Some e-juice cartridges may not contain nicotine favoring the novice users of e cigs. The flavors of e juice may be of fruit extracts, different blends of tobacco and sometimes even flavors of candies.

    Commonly marketed vaping devices can be divided into four categories. All the vaping tools are made using advanced technology methods. Each grouped e-cigs differ in features.  

    They are:

    Electronic cigarettes look exactly like traditional cigarettes. They are light weight, easy to use and needs less maintenance. The battery can be recharged after using for five hours maximum. It costs less compared to the modern form of e cigs.

    • E cigs appearing similar to pens- They are popular for everyday use as its battery lasts longer and have refill tank to fill in e liquid.  The mechanism of this type of e cig provides more power to puff and the user can inhale vapors of varied flavors of e liquid which lasts more than the liquid present in the cartomizers. Reasonably priced and you don’t have to refill e liquid frequently, thus saves cost.
    • Sub-ohm systems, the most complicated e cig – The most advanced model of e cigs and quite powerful to enhance the vaping experience. This kind of e cigs is preferred by regular users of tobacco filled cigars or people need higher nicotine level.  Some are smaller and slim in appearance whereas some have voltage devices to enrich the flavor and to enjoy the maximum vapor production.
    • Vape Mods – These are recently marketed e-cigs good for enjoying powerful cloud of vape. This stylish designed vape producing devices has a tube holding a rechargeable battery. When the mod is switched on, the current passed to the atomizer regulates the dense vapors to be formed immediately.
    • Pod mods or portable system of e cig – They are well marketed because it doesn’t have the tank or cartomizer to fill in the e juice. They have pod having e liquid in it.

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