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    Similarly, if there are products that we offer here that have been discontinued or drastically modified, do let us know. Sometimes, products get modified so much that the actual have a different audience or customer base. In such a situation, it makes sense to make strategic revisions or reclassify such products entirely. Also, if you notice that some links are not working because they lead you to missing page errors, we need to know as well. Please speak up because as much as we try to test all the links on this website, given the huge amount of outgoing links, you know that this is almost impossible. This is where you come in. If you have been clicking around and pages don’t load or pages are missing, do let us know. Don’t be shy. Please understand that when you reach out and you help us fix broken pages, you help us take this website to a whole other level.

    Our mission and vision is to help as many Americans make a truly informed choice as far as insurance is concerned. That’s not going to happen if our website has too many broken links. We’re going to fail in our mission if the information that we present here is out of date, incomplete or otherwise defective. Please help us out. The good news is that this does not have to take too much of your time. If you notice that our link simply won’t work even if you click it a couple of times, simply fill out this form. This form is very intelligent because it automatically clues us in as to which page is problematic. You actually don’t have to do much work regarding dead link reporting. The way we set up the pages in this website, it automatically tracks which page you’re having problems with. You only need to click the report button and the website will take care of the rest. We will know exactly which page is having issues.

    We also track the circumstance in which that page is having issues. Sometimes, there’s a certain context to content issues. Maybe the page doesn’t show up properly because of certain programming conflicts with codes prior to you getting on that page or to you clicking on the link. Whatever the case may be, our page is set up in a very responsive way. We will be able to find pages that need work so we can get to the bottom of these issues as soon as possible. Now please note that we do have a priority system on our website. If they notice that a problem keeps getting reported over and over again, that is going to the top of our priority list. It is more likely to be fixed rather than issues that are reported from time to time. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not going to get to these smaller issues. We will. However, we will focus more of our firepower and our organizational assets on the most pressing issues.